Whatever it takes to support Africa. Are you with us on the COVID Response?

You might be reading this message while on lockdown yourself and you may also be suffering the impact of the Covid 19 directly or indirectly. What we see on the ground in many of the countries where we operate is that the quarantine imposed on the local population to reduce the spread of Coronavirus means that many street vendors, artisans and other autonomous workers remain without income to feed their families and even a week without salary can have a tremendous impact on nutrition and health. We are therefore mobilizing ourselves to identify local partners who can deliver food to these vulnerable people in the most cost effective way in our countries of operation .

In Mozambique we are delivering food vouchers to vulnerable people who have lost their income because of the lock down. This is done in in partnership with Leonardo Group, Richeiro, a local chain of grocery store and local churches, 

Find out more about and support our Mozambique Project via Global Giving (US Tax deduction will apply)

In Cote d’Ivoire, we are providing meals to children from a poor neighbourhood who are no longer receiving their meals at school, due to their school closure. The food distribution is channelled by the “Missionnaires de la Charite” and the church of Sant’ Egidio in Abidja

Find out more about how you can support the Cote Ivoire Project via Global Giving(US Tax deduction will apply)

Or give us a donation via our facebook page

Or to our coordinates. 

  • IBAN:  LU100019515556839000
  • Bank Name: BCEEBank
  • Address: Place de Metz L-2954 Luxembourg.

Please mention “Covid response” in your donation and specify which country it is directed, if you wish to do so.


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