We work with market-tested social businesses, whose main goal is to address Africa’s most pressing challenges in a sustainable way. We focus on businesses that have already demonstrated value and have a clear potential for replication and scalability. We place a premium on innovative solutions in the areas of health, water & sanitation, renewable energy, fin-tech, and sustainable agribusiness.


Our objective is to unleash Africa’s full potential, with a lean approach and effective strategies and practices to help the most promising social businesses to scale up
and maximize impact.


We believe that private patient capital can solve some of the world’s pressing economic, social and environmental challenges, by supporting Africa’s most disruptive home grown innovations, and by delivering impact while maintaining positive returns. We believe it’s possible to make these investments-which maximize social impact— without costly intermediation, and while narrowing the distance between investors and social businesses.


Afrilanthropy currently operates in twelve African countries through our resident country investment advisors. Thanks to our expanding network of partners, we are able to quickly identify investment opportunities across most African countries. These countries are Algeria, Cameroon, Cabo Verde, Cote d'Ivoire, Egypt, Ethiopia, Guinea Bissau, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Rwanda, Senegal and Tunisia.


Unlike most philanthropic advisory services, our entire investment advisory team is resident in Africa enabling them to follow companies closely and leverage useful connections within local innovation ecosystems. Our team is composed of seasoned experts coming from high profile institutions, NGOs and the private sector, bringing a unique skill mix including macro analysis, private sector development, finance, community development and communication. Our country investment advisors are often angel investors in the companies, and therefore have a strong stake in ensuring their success.


We work one on one with high-net-worth individuals and companies to design and implement customized investment strategies for Africa’s most innovative and promising ventures. We also work through intermediary organizations (family offices, impact funds, foundations), by helping them source deals, carry out due diligence, and report and communicate results of the impact their investments have had on the ground. We also help local enterprises be investor- ready and to connect with potential partners. We refer our companies to other financing opportunities. In addition our one stop shop portal for financing, training and mentoring, opportunities specifically
targets African social businesses.


About Afrilanthropy

Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Afrilanthropy?

Afrilanthropy is a Luxembourg based no profit organization (a.s.b.l.), whose goal is to promote social innovation in Africa, by connecting African Social Enterprises with variety of funders, ranging from philanthropists to impact funds

How does Afrilanthropy work?

Afrilanthropy relies on team of highly committed and passionate investment advisors, who are full time or part-time resident in Africa, coupled with a strong network of local partners as well as a number of “Ambassadors” committed to the cause of promotive social innovation in Africa. In each country of operation Afrilanthropy’s country advisors are responsible to identify, screen and support the most promising social enterprises in such countries. Our advisors are well esteemed professionals who are very active in the local ecosystem. This allows the advisors to have a better understanding of the social enterprise ecosystem, facilitates engagement with other local players and provide knowledgeable advise to the social enterprises.

What is a social enterprise?

At Afrilanthropy we define a social enterprise is a cause-driven organization (NGO, cooperative or private sector company) whose primary objective is to generate positive impact across all communities and accomplish a social mission that will contribute to social, economic or environmental development, in a commercially viable way.

What kind of social enterprises Afrilantropy is looking for?

Afrilanthropy works with social enterprises in Africa that are legally established, has been market tested, and are already generating income. All eligible social enterprises shall be seeking financing in the form of debt or equity, and not be exclusively reliant on grants. Also, such social businesses must have a bold vision and substantial track record contributing to positive social, economic or environmental impact in their community, country and/or the African continent. We are not in the position to assist entrepreneurs with ideas which have not been implemented or tested.

Where does Afrilanthropy operate?

Afrilanthropy currently operates across 12 African countries. Algeria, Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire, Democratic Republic Congo, Guinea Bissau, Egypt, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Rwanda, Senegal, Tunisia, where the organization has a resident or semi-resident advisor. Afrilanthropy may exceptionally accept proposals from other countries if the business is mature and market tested enough to be able to present to investor with limited need of follow up from our team.

Does Afrilanthropy provide direct funding?

For the time being, Afrilanthropy does not provide direct funding. Instead it connects social enterprises in Africa with potential investors, assists with fundraising opportunities and helps social businesses in reaching their investment need by working closely with its partner organizations and investors.

Does Afrilanthropy help grant seeking organizations?

Typically not. Afrilanthropy’s pool of investors mainly provide funding in terms of equity or debt, so we typically work with organizations seeking either source of financing. Exceptionally our investors may be able to provide catalytic grants on a viable venture (e.g. financing research and development for new prototypes, subsidizing the sale of a product or service to the poor, certifications) so a grant funding request can be combined with a request for equity or debt. We cannot assist organization seeking grants only. Our team may however provide direct assistance or refer social enterprises to its partners organizations, who can help them prepare their own grant funding application, against a consulting fee.

Does Afrilanthropy charge social enterprises for its services?

Afrilanthropy requires no up-front fees from social enterprises for its core services of (i) alerting on funding opportunities, (ii) providing limited advise and (iii) business promotion. However, in order to support its growth, Afrilanthropy charges social enterprises a success fee, when it successfully manages to raise funds from the social enterprise, based on a service contract signed by both parties. Such fee can be converted into an equity stake in the company, hence ensuring a strong alignment of interest between Afrilanthropy and the social enterprise.

Does Afrilanthropy charge investors for its services?

Afrilanthropy does not charge investors for referring them individual transactions. However, it may charge them for its pre- and post-investment advisory work investors may require (e.g. investment strategy, market studies, due diligence, development of customized pipeline, impact monitoring and reporting). In some cases Arilanthropy undertake such services directly through its core network of resident advisors, in other we work or refer investors to local partners and consultants, yet ensuring quality and cost effectiveness.

How can a social enterprise engage with Afrilanthropy?

Our investment advisors in the country, typically identify the most promising social enterprises locally thanks to active scouting or referral by our partners.

Social enterprises seeking Afrilanthropy’s assistance in raising equity or debt financing may also submit a two page max presentation following the attached template in either English, French or Portuguese (add hyperlink) to, alongside with a pitching deck and any relevant documentation. If the social enterprise meets the basic requirements, Afrilanthropy will then connect the social enterprise with the respective country advisor in the country, who will assess their suitability to be considered for Afrilanthropy pipeline.

Social enterprises requiring simple information on funding opportunities are welcome to visit our facebook pagefor alerts and sign up for newsletter on website

Afrilanthropy is non-profit organization
(Association sans but lucrative)

Registered with the Luxembourg Trade and Companies' Register (Licence number F11610)