Our cookies policies

Cookies are information that the sites record on the memory of the computer, smartphone or tablet that you use to browse: they can serve various purposes, including saving your preferences, allowing you to purchase products from an e-commerce, recognize you when you return to the site.

On this site, use of technical cookies for:

  • remember if we have informed you of the existence of cookies, or if we have to remind you that we use them and invite you to read this statement
  • remember if we have proposed to subscribe to the newsletter in the last 60 days, so as not to bother you anymore in case I have already done so.

Other information that may interest you:

in the site we use a WordPress plugin that manages the subscription to the comments of a post, recognizes you if you are a registered user of WordPress and you are browsing “logged in”, and Akismet, a WordPress service that stems spam; here you can read the privacy policy of Automattic, the company that produces WordPress;

In the pages and posts there are the sharing buttons on social networks Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and in some cases I embed content from links from other sites, YouTube, Instagram, Slideshare. All these platforms use their own cookies to recognize you if you are browsing after being connected to your accounts, but I have no agreement with any of them and I am not able to see how they use your data; for more information, browse to the related privacy policy:
LinkedIn (for LinkedIn and Slideshare)
Google (for GooglePlus and YouTube)

We use Google Analytics to have, in anonymized form, the site usage statistics. We have set up Google Analytics so that your IP address is anonymized, by resetting the last part of the address itself.

The information generated by the Google Analytics cookie about your use of the website (including the first part of your IP address) is then transmitted to Google and stored on its servers in the United States. Google uses this information to track and examine the use of the site by visitors, and to provide these data, in aggregate form and never connected to your identity, through the reports of Analytics and its other information services (eg Google Trends).

Google may transfer this information to third parties if this is required by law or if it is a matter of subjects processing this information on its behalf; the information on privacy and use of Google Analytics data is here.

In this site we use the Facebook PIXEL to do retargeting, ie to show you on Facebook advertising consistent with pages you have already visited. Retargeting uses cookies, and your browsing data is not linked to your identity and your personal data.

In your browser you can set your privacy preferences so as not to store cookies, delete them after each visit or whenever you close your browser, or even accept only Afrilanthropy cookies and not those of third parties.