AFRILANTHROPY and TIIME are proud to announce their partnership to promote impact investing in Africa. The two Luxembourg-based organizations decided to build on their complementarities to jointly promote Africa as an impact investing destination and jointly assist funders make their ways into the continent, starting from Luxembourg.

“The collaboration with TIIME will allow us to put Africa and our social enterprises on the map of European impact investing discussions, building on TIIME’s tremendous reach and established brand in the impact space” said Emanuele Santi, Co-Founder and CEO of Afrilanthropy.

“The partnership will allow us to build on Afrilanthropy’s experience and network of investment advisors on the ground in Africa, to encourage more impact investors to venture into Africa and take part further strengthen to the continent’s innovation drive” said Hedda Pahlson-Moller, Co-Founder and CEO of TIIME

The partnership was sealed at the marge of the second LMDF’s Impact Ecosystem Event, marking the partners’ intention to build on the country’s fast growing presence in impact investing. Luxembourg is a leading domicile for sustainable investment funds and green bonds, with strong positioning for future impact funds and social bonds.

About Afrilanthropy
AFRILANTHROPY is a platform connecting African social enterprises with a high net worth individuals, foundations, impact funds who want to invest in Africa’s most innovative solutions. Covering 12 countries (and expanding) thanks to network of resident advisors and incubators, Afrilanthropy offers funders advise, deal sourcing, due diligence and local monitoring and impact reporting.

TIIME is an impact catalyst working to shape and nurture the impact ecosystem and to enable investors, business leaders and entrepreneurs to integrate positive social and environmental impact into their activities. TIIME’s platform provides global connections, advisory, inspirational content and meaningful knowledge sharing to enhance the spirit of positive impact. TIIME’s vision is a world where businesses, investors, enterprises, non-profit/NGOs and government systematically embrace and deliver sustainable impact.

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    Bonjour. Je suis du Burkina Faso et souhaiterais savoir si mon pays fait partie des 12 pays concernes par vos activites. Si c est le cas je voulais beneficier de vos financements.

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